Frequently Asked Questions

They're questions we get asked frequently, and they even come with answers!

Are you on this Tuesday?

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: we’re on every Tuesday as long as the Stag’s Head is open and there isn’t a global pandemic causing a general lockdown, but that rarely happens these days.

How much is it to attend? Where do I get tickets?

Ukulele Tuesday is free and non-ticketed. You just show up. We’ll even hand you sweets and swag, sometimes.

If you do want to support us financially (UT is 100% volunteer-ran), you can do so by making a contribution during the night. We pass around a ukulele to throw some money into. It helps us cover the costs of running the event, maintain the gear, and organise even more awesome events. We also have a page on buymeacoffee!

Also, because we’re non-ticketed, as it can get busy during the summer months, so we do recommend coming in a bit before 8pm if you want to make sure to get a seat.

Can bring my own ukulele and join you?

Yes, absolutely! Ukulele Tuesday is open to any ukulele player who wants to come and join us, regardless of your playing skills. You do not have to contact us or ask for permission beforehand.

I can’t bring my ukulele. Can I borrow one?

Yes, if your dog ate your ukulele (or you’re coming over from a flight and couldn’t bring your instrument), we have a bunch of house ukuleles you can borrow for the night. You can send us a DM on Instagram or Facebook on the day and we’ll try to set one aside for you, depending on availability. Please remember to give it back to a member of the organising team at the end.

Also note that we are providing house ukes as a courtesy for guests, and for brand new players who don’t own a uke yet. If you end up coming back regularly (which we hope you’ll do!), we encourage you to buy your own ukulele. See later on this page for some recommendations.

(and sorry about your misbehaving dog)

I can’t play the ukulele. Can I still join you?

Sure. The song sheets show the lyrics, so if you can’t play, sing your heart out. And if you’re up for it, we’ll put a ukulele in your hands and show you some beginner chords. Careful: you’ll soon end up addicted and buy your own ukulele. You’ve been warned!

Can you play <some-song-I-like>?

If <some-song-you-like> is in our songbook, then yes 😉 we take requests for most of the night.

Is Ukulele Tuesday child-friendly? Can I bring my children to Ukulele Tuesday? Can I come if I’m under 18?

Short answer: no. We consider ourselves to be an 18 and over event.

If you would like to attend with children, under your own responsibility, we won’t prevent you :-). Note that we are hosted in a pub, so Irish regulation for children in pubs applies. We strongly recommend checking in with the Stag’s Head beforehand, and letting the staff know, as by law the pub/premise owner can refuse access to children.

I have a disability, can I attend?

We’re striving to make Ukulele Tuesday inclusive and accessible for everyone, so if you need any accommodations to attend, let us know!

The session gets quite busy, so if you need seating space, we recommend coming in a bit early if that’s an option, or contacting us.

When it comes to wheelchair accessbility, unfortunately, UT is hosted upstairs in the Stag’s Head – there is no elevator and only very narrow stairs for access.

I want to buy a ukulele! Any recommendations?

You should find a selection of ukuleles at most online or physical shops, and a beginner instrument shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg (we’d recommend spending around 50 euros if you’ve never played a stringed instrument, but your own circumstances may vary). For specific recommendations/reviews, check Got A Ukulele‘s reviews for instruments between 0 and 50 pounds. This website reviews lots of ukuleles, and takes no commissions so it can give impartial reviews. Most of the ukulele community swears by it!